About Us

CFA Banquet and Annual AwardsA Few Words About Us

Blue Crest Cattery was conceived as a result of great passion, a deep sense of ethical responsibility and decades of experience with cats. As a breeder, our objective is to establish and cultivate a cattery with not only the exacting characteristics of show qualities in our litters, but also to emphasize on our commitment and dedication to responsible breeding and homing of our fur pals.

We have attained excellent achievements in showing our cats locally and in overseas countries in the International Region! Our cattery has produced the most number of Grand Champion Cats in Singapore, and most importantly, we were the first to achieve the Divisional Award (DW Award) from CFA. In 2010, our Oriental Shorthair ‘Weapon’ was ranked 12th Best Cat in the International Division (competing with all other breeds in the world), he was also the Best Spotted Oriental Shorthair, Best Oriental Shorthair in the International Region; and 7th Best Oriental Shorthair Worldwide, awarded by the Oriental Breed Council of CFA.

Our British Shorthairs are well respected too, with distinguished lines from several highly regarded overseas breeders.  We are one of the best British Shorthair breeders in Asia now, with a track record of more than a decade. Our breeding patterns and stringent selection criteria for owners have proven to be a successful and popular formula time and again. We have received staunch support and interest from the local community and our cattery name is also well established in the International Region.

We welcome cat lovers to exchange views, share information or articles with us and we hope that we could share with you our experience should any help be required.