Products & Services

Cat Grooming Service

We offer cat grooming services for pet cats and show cats.

Do contact us here to make appointment to have your cats groomed.

Cat Sitting Services

We provide cat sitting services at your premises. The service fee is $80 per trip for up to 4 kitties, additional kitty will be charged at additional $8 each. This will be inclusive of feeding food and water, clearing and topping up of cat litter bin. Day care services for friends are also available if you are away to run some important errands, the duration will be between 8.00am to 6.00pm, $25 each time. You can contact us here for the charges if you have any special requests, and to check for availability.

Having issues with the greasy and oily coat of your kitty? Not to worry, Bluecrest is able to provide you with a simple and one-step solution. 
1) Bluecrest Degreasing Shampoo – $60.00 per bottle of 500ml
This is the only degreasing shampoo available in Singapore. You can use it for daily cleansing or for show grooming, an easy and fast solution for all cats.
2) Advanced Conditioning Shampoo – $80.00 per bottle of 500ml
This shampoo is more suitable for long hair show cats or house cats. It will provide a soft texture after using. It could be used as a conditioning shampoo after using the Degreasing Shampoo. 
Free delivery above $200.00 of purchases. Please click here to enquire for more info.